Well honestly, like so many of you understand too well, I am HUSTLING. Outside of photography, you can normally find me studying for my Master's in Counseling (almost done!!!), hiking, reading three books at once, teaching yoga (and other college students) or spending time with my boyfriend and friends in Richmond. It's a busy life, and a life I love so dearly. 

& when I'm not behind the camera...

Since middle school, I was a journalistic photographer. In college, I was the photo editor for my university's newspaper when my friend started her wedding and elopement photography business. I quickly feel in love with capturing couple's stories and continued to find ways to gain experience in the industry. I had many friends encouraging me to take the leap and open my own photography business early on, but I felt like I wanted to know specifically the couples I wanted to serve so I could create the best-possible experiences for them. Years (and many, MANY weddings) later, when I finally was ready felt ready to become Lindamood Photography, LLC in September 2021, the response I got was incredible. Taking the time to figure out your values and who you want to serve so you can enter into this industry with intentionality, care, and to serve your couples in the best way possible I feel like is so important. 

How it all began...

At the end of the day, I also feel like every aspect of my photography strives to be intentional. Whether it is Facetime calls with clients to get to know them before engagement sessions, helping clients select a location that is perfect for them, creating a playlist of their favorite tunes to play during the session, or editing each photo with care, I weave intentionality and care through it all. 


Beyond creating these personal connections, I thrive being outside and exploring nature. Being outside and moving around or soaking in a landscape fills my heart up. This is where the adventure component of my photography comes into play. If a couple wants to venture into the mountains or frolic in the ocean's waves, I am there 100%. For me, I think this ties into the fact that when I am in nature, I feel like I am who I am meant to be and the couples who are more drawn to my work seem to echo this sentiment. When you feel like your true self by being outside and free, then I believe the photos I capture not only encapsulate the joy of the couple but their candid moments as well. Also, whenever I have a spare moment, I try to be outside - whether I am exploring the James River here in Richmond, walking around my neighborhood, or just soaking in a sunset! 

The Outdoors & adventure

I love getting to know folks and building a connection with them that can transform into capturing authentic moments on camera. After spending time with my couples and investing in their story and who they are, I feel like I am capturing candid, documentary-style moments rather than just posed photos which can forever save moments from such a special season. Also, relationship building is one of my all time favorite things…which is probably why I am also currently in a Counselor Education program to become a school counselor in May 2023. 

Connection & Authenticity 

The heart of my business is in my personal values

I could not have done any of this without the encouragement of my partner, family, and friends. Specifically speaking about my partner, he has travelled with me to many engagement sessions and rock climbed while I taking engagement photos of a couple and then has listened to me ramble on about the photos I am most jazzed about on our travels back home. Just through it all, he has just been a solid person for me in this adventure.

A Lil' (but much deserved) appreciation post for my supporters

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